Phyllis Baldino BALDINO-NEUTRINO color/sound
80:51 minutes

single-channel video installation

red inflatable bean-less bag chairs

In 2007 at CERN’s Super Proton Synchrotron outside of Geneva, a beam of neutrinos will shoot through 454 miles of solid rock underground and arrive at a neutrino detector at Gran Sasso, Italy in a mere 2.5 milliseconds. To start, there is a pre-existing 4 mile circular tunnel 20 stories underground at CERN. Protons will have to take about 20,000 laps around this tunnel inside an eight inch diameter stainless steel tube before the neutrinos can be generated.(more than 99 percent the speed of light). Then the neutrinos are ready to be aimed toward Gran Sasso.

BALDINO-NEUTRINO follows the path of a future neutrino; from the SPS tunnel at CERN, to the above ground shoot, to the inside of the Borexino Neutrino Detector at the Gran Sasso Lab. But alas I am only human (but 100% italian) and it took me longer than 2.5 milliseconds.

(photo: Michael Moran)

(footage excerpt)
Installation video documentation