April 1994: The Gray Band
Phyllis Baldino April 1994: The Gray Band microphone, clarinet, bass, guitar
April 1994: The Gray Band
microphone, clarinet, bass, guitar
five-channel video intallation

Dez Cadena: 2:39 minutes

Tom Watson: 29:00 minutes

Mike Watt: 25:36 minutes

Lynn Johnston: 10:38 minutes

The Song: 2:53 minutes

This is the only collaborative piece from the Gray Area Series. I bought used instruments
from pawn shops: electric guitar, electric bass, metal clarinet, and the microphone was donated to the project by Dez Cadena.

Off camera I disassembled the instruments. Some of the wooden areas of the guitar and bass I cut off and discarded. I was living in Los Angeles at the time and contacted 4 musicians that I knew. They reassembled the instruments that I took apart; putting them back together on camera (one take/unedited), just enough so they would work (back to the concept: something is what it is and is what it is not simultaneously). Included in the installation is a sign that lists all of the bands these musicians have played with, up until April 1994, when the piece was completed. The Gray Band existed for one song: “I will survive”.

(photo: Karl Peterson)

Phyllis Baldino April 1994: The Gray Band
April 1994: The Gray Band

Band List: Dez Cadena, Tom Watson, Mike Watt and Lynn Johnston

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(photo: Karl Peterson)
April 1994: The Gray Band

Installation video documentation at Thomas Nordanstad Gallery, New York, 1996