Gray Area Series Statement
Phyllis Baldino Gray Area Series Statement 1:26 minutes
"Briefcase/Not Briefcase"
1:26 minutes
video still

In 1993, the “Gray Area Series” emerged after reading 2 books, “Fuzzy Logic” by Daniel McNeill and Paul Freiberger and “Fuzzy Thinking: The New Science of Fuzzy Logic” by Bart Kosko.

This series reveals that opposites can be the same. Something is what it is and is what it is not, simultaneously. All of the work is shot in the first take, without editing. The objects resulting from the videos can be shown with or without the footage.

There are 21 pieces in the series and one five-channel video installation,
“The Gray Band: April 1994.” Installation documentation of The Gray Band is accessed through the Installation tab.

In the pages below, there are video excerpts and stills from 7 pieces.